Meme Medias


If I rewind my memory, memes were practically jokes passed on the Internet. At the early stage, it was all about jokes and I laughed along. But never realised meme could become so powerful, today it has become a medium that can destroy or make a personality within a day.

There are many meme pages, which are very generic and make memes according to the current happenings. Some are global and some are very local. Few meme pages keep their agenda straight, they make memes without targeting any particular group or individual while some meme pages go by fictional characters.

Some meme creators are doing this as business and some doing just for online fun. It has a huge audience around the world and every person on social media comes across minimum 5 memes per day.  Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or forward messages, there are oodles of meme pages and some of them are extremely creative.

Like in every creative industry some run out of ideas while some don’t last a month with no followers. Those who are surviving have got a good team or they keep their line of interest shift from one to another constantly. Some pages survive by taking ideas from their followers, which is also a good idea to be into the business.

There is one major change of pattern among the meme creators. They have begun to contribute to the social cause, they don’t just make meme jokes. Their memes are more on the lines of creating awareness and getting the message to followers quickly. Some meme pages even ask for social help and promote social events. This got a very positive response from the followers and some social cause initiatives have seen results with help of meme pages.

Like we all have noticed, political parties do notice such things. Now every party have their own social media team which is constantly making memes against opposition. Some parties sponsor few meme pages and take their support for political benefits. Though most of the meme pages are neutral but such political funded memes are passing the wrong message. This is exactly like party funded news stories. For television media houses it is TRP and for such social pages it is ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. More the followers, the more is the reach.

Like the mainstream media, these memes also have got two sides. One side is neutral and other side is not.

Unlike news channels, social media has got mostly young followers and they tend to take sides and jump on to a conclusion without knowing the actual truth. Once it starts trending, the perception is built on the same lines. Forget youths, some well-informed elders share it, on basis of it being funny, though being completely aware of the fact that what they are sharing is not validated. They don’t realise how sharing fake content can affect the truth.

One must learn to see the truth beyond jokes. If it is funny, laugh and think and think twice before you share.


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