Opinion Break.


I was scrolling through FB feeds and ended up reading a comment that read:

I have suspended my opinions on India. Because I think I had the pulse wrong – completely. I am now trying to understand what people on the ground think and feel. I am seeking the reality – Aparna Krishnan

It provoked me to think of two angels, what does nation wants and what I want from the nation. What is my opinion?

According to me what nation wants is?

What we see now is biased news coverage and over trending personality on social medias. Every political party is running social media campaign and owns many pages and everyone one is sharing an opinion from somewhere. So, it is impossible to understand the ground reality across India. Most believed in one person’s idea of ‘Development’ and wanted to stop corruption, hence voted in favour. Unfortunately, the biased news coverage and non- stop reporting is not helping me to understand where India is moving now and where is the development happening. If I go by any news or article, it’s biased. If I seek for a debate I am named ‘anti….’

So, how do I figure out what nation wants?

After scanning my own understanding, I have to come to a conclusion that I can never understand what other state wants from the way media and social media is functioning. An outsider can never understand what the people, culture and their economy demand. Politicians are aware of this phenomenon too, this is one of the reasons why they make an issue as one single larger issue, which trends across India for fairly long time.

The one, who execute such master plans well, gets to rules and survive.  But still the single larger issue is not the only public demand, they hope for something better. They hope the smarter one’s with power will solve their issues. Every time a party wins an election, we credit their victory to that one single larger issue. And even say things like “people have voted for this particular reason”  Sometimes the demands of people across India are totally different on the ground and wherein sometimes majority gets fooled too. It is not necessary that the same agenda will work again in the same state or other states in India.

Nobody can be certain about why people voted for a party to win unless you are from that particular state and pay attention to every demand raised for years across the constituencies.

The rest all you see in the news are just as original as your FB profile selfi. All edited to make it look better, made to look awesome for likes and shares. It’s hard to say what is fake and what is not, so is the media.

What I want from the nation.

A particular states result can never be used as a selling point in another state for votes. Today the ruling party in the center brings policies in favor of Majority’s demands. Here, I am not talking about religious majority/minority. I am talking about states, which voted and did not vote in favor of ruling party. The central gov must function in favor of India but the same time they cannot favor a state or destroy another state. My opinion matters in my state, in fact, I need to go down to my constituency to understand the demands raised at the state level. The problem is most of us focus on a single large national issue which created by politicians and media. Your opinion and vote matters when you focus on your constituency demands. What I want from India is what I demand for my state or my constituency is the national party must not rule India, if they are only for Majority and their philosophy is against any states view then that party is not a national party. Be it Congress or BJP both are not a national party.

We all know every state, culture, structure and economy is different.

How can a government who holds the central power can boast about development when the central policies are designed against demands made by states. We are indeed the greatest fools; we hand over the power to a party never really tired understanding party’s philosophy. One person cannot influence India if the philosophy of the party is against any state. We are diversed yet our states are united in some way or other and we must remember that. India is not a nation, we all united to form India. Every state is unique in their own way and any party in the center must not force another state to function by its philosophy. If that happens, the basic idea of India will curb and eventually states will go against the nation.

They are not anti-national’s, they are against the policy of central government/party. PM is not nation, neither CM is the state. Anyone against PM’s vision is not anti-national. There is no such thing called anti-national when you speak for your state. Your state comes first, and then we can talk about united states of India

Every state must gain enough power to decide for itself. A party shouldn’t be given “National party” status at all. So-called national party’s philosophy should not be misunderstood as “Idea of India”. Central government must work with states but not try to rule states. Central government is there to find solutions for problems between states and be the voice of the nation. What is the point you being in the center when you cannot save a life in down south, but you will stand first when someone dies in the north? What is the point in you supporting “make in India” when you destroying what is already in making?

Be it, anyone, who was in the center, who took the “Globalization” stand destroyed states local business and economy. To be a powerful nation, you don’t have to call global companies here. You got to make things better which are made here.

Develop local to be powerful in global.

#GoLocal #StatePower


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