Confused Clueless Generation

Dear ‘so called’ freethinkers,
Understand the meaning of freethinking, it is not a ‘think free’ diet.

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What is your Mother Tongue?


An unknown ‘Thamizh man’ who had super wisdom and with an exceptional knowledge of Thamizh literature wrote a book called Thirukkural. He wrote a total of 1330 couplets. Would you believe, if I tell you it was written 2000 years ago and is regarded as relevant even today. Continue reading “What is your Mother Tongue?”

Meme Medias


If I rewind my memory, memes were practically jokes passed on the Internet. At the early stage, it was all about jokes and I laughed along. But never realised meme could become so powerful, today it has become a medium that can destroy or make a personality within a day. Continue reading “Meme Medias”




A chubby kid who ate more than required and more than any of his brothers got him to earn the name “yettadi kundan“. He was never a smart kid at school but was brilliant at any games/sports, he had the capability of charming and tricking himself into winning any game. And often played the “youngest child” card at home to be awarded with extra variki (rusk) from his grandfather.

Continue reading “Bridge”