When Will I Wake Up?

My eyes are turning red. It is burning but its not blazing.
My skin is turning blue. It is shimmering but its not shining
My mind is turning grey. It is glimmering but its not glowing.

When will I wake up?
To see my eyes blaze, to see my skin shine, to feel mind glow.

My soul is turning black,
when will I wake up from this darkness?

When will I wake up?



The Paper, the Wind, the Art, the Life

I was crisp and clean and was flying everyplace where wind took me for fun.

One could have written poem on me, One could have painted art on me.

One tore me into pieces and another called me trash after.

Wind took me again, I’m still flying but in different pieces and in places.

Hoping, i will end up with one who can make art out of torn pieces.

#ThePaper #TheWind #TheArt #TheLife